My Rules for Vicarious Living

I wrote this over two years ago and to this day it’s still holds true and is one of my favorite posts. Enjoy!

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I love lists. Always have and always will. Simply because of how efficient and contrite they tend to be. They are sweet, short, and to the point. And let’s be honest, time (especially mine) is much too valuable to waste. Over the past few years, I have been constantly coming across other people’s lists for how to live. Their creeds. Their mantras. Their ideas. Their ways to improve life as a whole. The more of them I read, the more and more I began to think about what my list would be. What “unwritten” rules do I use to consistently govern my own actions? I decided to no longer let my rules be “unwritten.” When I first started to write this post I was set on “23 rules I’ve learned in 23 years.” But in writing, as in life, things don’t usually go how you plan them. Things escalate. Change…

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